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frequently asked questions
Can I order for Delivery?

Yes, we deliver ready-to-eat to all states in USA except Hawaii and Alaska. 

Can i order for pickup?

Yes, all local & catering orders can be picked up within the pickup window. A pick up time and date must be selected at checkout. 

Do You offer Catering?

Yes, we offer catering services for events and corporate. Visit our catering page for more information. 

How do i place an order for pickup?

To place an order for pickup, first add your desired product to cart and proceed to checkout. You would be required to either create an account or proceed to billing info. If You do not wish to create an account, kindly proceed with your billing information. Once you’ve entered your billing address, unselect the shipping address box and an option to select pickup will pop up.

For further questions or concerns, contact us. 

How do You ensure that my food does not spoil during delivery?

All our products are hand made with love in small batches and made to order. Each order is deliciously seasoned, packed with flavor and shipped frozen in insulated shipping containers to ensure the longevity of your meal during its travel time.

For further questions or concerns, contact us. 

When will my package arrive?

All orders placed from out of state will arrive within 2 business days after dispatch. Orders placed within Illinois will arrive within 1-2 business days after the estimated processing time. Please allow 3-5 days processing time before orders are shipped.  

How do i manage my package on arrival?

Heating instructions on how to properly store and preserve your food would be included in all mailed out packages. All products are perishable, please refrigerate on arrival.

Do I have to enter a shipping address for pickup orders?

All orders to be picked up only require a billing address. To proceed to checkout, unselect the shipping address box.

do i have to calculate shipping at checkout?

All orders to be delivered require a calculated shipping option. Any order scheduled for pickup does not require calculated shipping rates. Please proceed to checkout.  

Can i order during the holiday?

We would love to cater to you during the holiday but unfortunately, we’ll be closed. To receive your packages on or before the holiday commences, orders must be placed within one week of the estimated delivery date to allow for enough processing time. Pickup orders for catering should be placed at least 2-3 days prior to the holiday’s eve. 

How Can i track of my order?

Once order is placed, your order number & tracking number would be available via email as provided at checkout. This can also be found in your account dashboard when you sign up with us. 

Can I get a refund?

Esculent Eats aims at satisfying your cravings and would see to it that your requests are considered. We are more than happy to work with you on issuing a replacement item for any damaged products within it’s shelf life.

However, we are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged goods from the shipping company. As such, we imply that you thoroughly check all received items before consumption.

More of our refund policy can be found on our “Refund & Returns” Page.